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Taming a muddy Les Paul- Bass Contour helps enhance your thick and sustaining guitars.

Bass Contour

ModManMike, with the Guitar You Dream About, explores one of the most useful mods possible if you own a thick, fat, sustaining electric- in this short video, explore how a bass contour allows you to dial in 'thick to thin' to get articulate tones, to control overdrive and avoid mush.

Do you have a big fat, honking, mid range heavy guitar? A Les Paul or Humbucker tele? A major sustainer that sings and soars and it’s just plain fat?

Maybe sometimes too fat?

Is it hard to play articulate rhythms, are you saturating the mids and blowing the rest of the band off the stage? Looking for versatility that takes you into Telecaster or Stratocaster territory?

It’s the age old question of how to balance thick and thin, fat and articulate and some musicians spend a life time experimenting with pedals and amps looking for a solution- Tom Schultz (Boston) built an entire rig around this issue.

But there is a much, much easier approach that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility- It’s known as a bass contour or roll off and it does so much more than most people imagine.

In this short video, we explore the bass contour that is standard on a Reverend Double Agent, exploring a lot of clean and thick tone variation on a single knob:

At the, we do lots of bass contours on a wide range of guitars with a wide range of controls- sometimes we can repurpose pots, sometimes stacking makes sense and it’s really common to use push/pull pots to avoid any visible changes to your guitar.

So take a quick look (three minutes) to explore ideas for expanding the tones on your guitars.

Let me know if you have questions and thanks for reading the Guitar You Dream About Blog!

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As you can see, there are many, many variables when you are searching for your perfect tone... The challenge, and opportunity, is finding the right combination that works for you and the good news is that we have the experience to help you find your ultimate guitar sound...

  • Want ‘fatter’ options for your Strat? Options to sound more like a Les Paul or a Tele? Blenders, series and most pickup mods are easily reversible.

  • Need your Les Paul, SG or other humbucking guitar to cover a broader spectrum? Custom pickups and easily reversed modification can make your guitar scream or snap with lots of new ground in between!

  • Looking for thicker Tele tones? A HOOP modification is easy and reversible- Routing for a Firebird neck pickup is a bigger option.

Contact ModManMike at the Guitar You Dream About for the pickups, wiring and controls that make your guitar sound like you!

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