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Lessons & Teaching

One of my first music teachers told me...




He was absolutely correct- I studied music at Elon and never stopped teaching and learning- And every student's favorite music list opens new doors...


-Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

-Recording, Sound Design, Foley, Voice Over, Arranging and Orchestration

-Classical Piano



With Impromptu Productions, I composed and produced audio for video soundtracks, voiceovers, foley and special effects

As CMO for one of the first Digital Audio Workstations, I was at the cutting edge of recording and remain current with Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton and many other Digital Audio Workstations

I developed the Animals on the Keyboard curriculum to help young (starting at 5) and older students (many 60s and some 70 year olds) quickly absorb keyboard basics

As a Front of House Engineer I learned the fundamentals of room design and have designed many small and large recording environments. 

Vintage Electric Guitars
Michael Stierhoff
Bass Guitar
Electric Dobro
Parker Nitefly- Spin a split
Slide Guitar

Last but not least, I teach my students how to teach                 to continue the Cycle of Music

"Successful musicians keep taking lessons and teach others what they know."

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