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The ultimate "Every Sound is Possible' platform guitar.


Telecaster's are more than the first readily available solid-body- Teles are also one of the most versatile guitars, easily dominating county, blues, rock, jazz, even metal.

Much of the flexibility due to the simplicity- some affectionately call Teles "a slab of wood from which music pours' and the wide variety of aftermarket pickups from Barden, Fralin, Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan can support practically any style. 

Almost any stock Telecaster's can benefit from a Half Out of Phase setting that provides a Stratocaster like sound. Series wiring is another common setting that gives a stock Telecaster more thickness and bite.

Considering there are so many Telecaster variants (Squire, Ibanez, Yamaha), heavy modifications are a great way to increase their flexibility and the options are endless:

  • Keith Richards will tell you that a full sized humbucker in the neck of a Tele can be better than a Les Paul for leads

  • Johnny 5 will tell you that 2 humbuckers are even better

  • Alternate neck pickups

    • Firebird pickups are snappy​ humbuckers that enrich the telecaster's lead capabilty

    • Minihumbuckers provide a more articulate touch than a full sized  humbucker

    • And P90s add growl and 'thick clarity'

  • Variable tone controls, capacitor replacement, treble bleed and alternate wiring (especially 50s mod ) are common mods that help you find your perfect tone.​​

Telecasters can do practically anything! Contact ModManMike and we'll come up with the Sound That You Dream About.

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