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Adding 'Thick and Versatile' to 'Quack and Snap'.


Strat style guitars are among the most modified guitar for a good reason- the basic design supports country, blues, rock and metal while the wide range of aftermarket parts support practically any sound.

Seymour Duncan, Joe Barden, Lollar and Dimarzio pickups are among the most versatile pups available, providing direct replacements for SRV drive, hard rock, and chicken pickin.

Perhaps the most versatile guitar style on the plannet, HSS strats (Humbucker, Single Coil, Single Coil) can provide VH crunch in the bridge (JB, Custom Custom are great examples) with a mix of classic and high gain tones from singles (Hot Rails, Cool Rails, Cruisers, Antiquities and Duckbuckers).

HSS strats open the door to a single stage guitar that does it all- We've had wonderful results with a wide range of Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha and other HSS designs.

Things to do with a Strat?

  • We add blender circuits to get Tele like tones or series wiring for thicker searing leads.

  • We add dual rail and stacked pickups to remove hum. We split and roll off coils to dial in entirely new sounds that increase your versatility.

  • Variable tone controls, capacitor replacement, treble bleed and alternate wiring (especially 50s mod ) are common mods that help you find your perfect tone.

Other ideas? There's practically nothing that a Strat style guitar can't do, so Contact ModManMike and we'll come up with the Sound That You Dream About!

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