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Turning 'Warm and Thick' into 'I Can Do Anything'.


Humbuckers do a lot more than buck hum-

From Classic PAFs to modern Seth Lovers, Burstbuckers, Pearly Gates or Custom Customs, it's easy to find your perfect tone when we get the mix of articulate, warm and crunch right.

From 335s to Explorers, Jets to Country Gentleman or Roadcores to Artcores- humbucker and P90 driven guitars are excellent platforms to build your perfect sound:

  • Warm, heavy sustain guitars (especially Les Pauls) can benefit from parallel, out of phase, bass roll off and similar options that open the door for classic blues and 'Fender like' sounds.

  • SGs and many Les Paul's often do well with series options that increase gain and girth for thicker heavier leads.

  • Hollow bodies (including Gibson, Ibanez, Epiphone, Yamaha, Gretsch) often benefit from aftermarket pickups (including TV Jones) as well as selected wiring mods.

And when you're looking for the growl and the cleans that only p90s can give you, there are many aftermarket alternatives that allow P90sounds with humbucker routing... noiseless P90s, even hum canceling ''dummy coils' are possible.

Don't forget that P90s, MiniHumbuckers and Firebird pickups can be interchangeable, providing massive tonal variety.

Variable tone controls, capacitor replacement, treble bleed and alternate wiring (especially 50s mod and independent volumes) are common mods that help you find your perfect tone.

And many low cost solid bodies (Epihone, Ibanez Gretsch and Yamaha) can become stars with reasonably priced pickup and electronics upgrades.

Contact ModManMike and we'll come up with the Sound That You Dream About!

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