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Hellraiser Jazzmaster.jpg

Any guitar can become the Guitar You Dream About


What do Jazzmasters and Hellraisers have in common? They are both great platforms that we can expand into Your Dream Guitar and the options are nearly endless...

  • Not using your Jazzmaster's rhythm circuit? It's a great place to put a series circuit for increased crunch

  • Love your Hellraiser's tonal variety, but wishing you could get presets faster? That's a common mod. 

  • Looking for infinite sustain? A Fernandes neck driver gives you sounds that are impossible with conventional guitars.

Don't forget Jaguars, Music Masters, Mustangs or any of the power designs by ESP, Jackson, BC Rich, Schecter, Ibanez and all of the other diverse guitars that fall in between.

Some of them need aftermarket pickups, some need control and wiring mods- there are so many great opportunities for that you should Contact ModManMike and we'll come up with the Sound That You Dream About.

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