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Big bottom to snappy & articulate in one great axe!


Bass guitars are one of the best instruments to mod for many reasons- lots of mass provides plenty of signal to work with, there's a wide variety of high impedance and low impedance aftermarket pickups and practically all guitar mods work well on bass. Common bass upgrades include:

  • Adding snappier pickups to thick basses to increase agility- Adding JBass pups to a PBass style

  • Adding thicker pickups to a snappy bass to increase bottom end - Adding a humbucker to a Jbass style

  • Adding active electronics that support active tone controls to increase sonic coverage

  • Custom switching (a slap switch is a great example), to provide fast access to major tonal changes

As with guitars, low cost basses, including Squire, Epiphone, Ibanez and Yamaha, can morph into instruments that outshine the most expensive basses.

And even the best basses can be reconfigured to better fit your sytle- Lakland, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Warwicks all are easily modified and often benefit from custom controls.

Other ideas? There's practically nothing we can't do to help you find your bass sound, so Contact ModManMike and we'll come up with the Sound That You Dream About!

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